Targeting neuronal and glial cell types by synthetic promoter AAVs in mice, non-human primates, and humans

Targeted Cell Classes: 

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* means TF
Length (bp)SequenceMouseNon-human primateHuman
in order of abundance
in order of abundance
in order of abundance
ProA1 Gnat2 2000 agaggcaggccgagttt ... C s-C s-PR
ProA3 Ccl3 2000 ccaatatccataaatgg ... s-GC, MG GC, AC
ProA4 Arr3 2000 ctctcctcccattgatg ... s-C s-C
ProA5 Hhatl 2000 ggtgcccaggcagtggg ... GC, s-AC s-GC
ProA6 Fabp7 1229 agctagcacagcactag ... R PR PR
ProA7 Gnat2 500 catcctgagagatgagc ... PR, HC, AC C C, s-AC, s-GC
ProA8 Cmtm8 2000 agggtctcaccctgtaa ... AC, HC, MG, PR PR, GC s-HC, s-GC
ProA9 Wfdc10 2000 gctgatgtgtcttactg ... s-GC AC, GC
ProA10 Fabp7 2097 gttctttgggttccata ... PR, AC, GC PR
ProA11 Sncg 2000 gtttccactctgagagt ... AC, MG, HC
ProA13 Nppb 2000 ggatgctgaaagagggt ... s-GC
ProA14 Prph 2000 gctcaggctcttgggga ... s-PR, HC, AC PR, AC, GC PR
ProA15 Hbb-b1 2000 tttttcagaggctgcac ... s-PR, MG, HC, AC
ProA16 Mfsd2 2000 cttaggctgcattaaca ... AC, MG, PR
ProA17 Rdh5 2000 aagagtgcagagatggt ... AC, GC, MG s-AC
ProA18 Rgr 2000 attgaagacctcagact ... MG RPE
ProA19 Rpe65 2000 tgcttgatctgtttctc ... MG, AC s-GC, MG
ProA20 mGluR1 1272 tcactctagtgttttca ... AC, GC, HC, MG, s-PR GC, s-AC
ProA21 Car14 2000 aaggaatcccaagtttt ... s-MG s-GC GC, AC
ProA22 Cp 2000 gaagaagtttcttacaa ... s-MG AC, GC AC, GC, MG
ProA23 Dnahc6 2000 catggagcggttctgag ... HC, PR, BC, AC, GC, MG GC, AC
ProA24 Zbtb6 2000 atatgggtatgtacgtg ... GC, AC, HC, MG, AII AC, PR, BC GC, AC
ProA25 Pap2b 2000 gtagggatctaacagcc ... s-MG, s-HC GC, s-AC
ProA26 Scn2a1 2000 tcctccgggctccaccc ... GC, MG GC, s-AC
ProA27 Serpinb1b 2000 ggtcagtaaagtgaatg ... GC GC, AC
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